On-Demand Data Enrichment Services


Build Better Customer Data for Better Results

The data challenges today are many. They can vary from struggling with an increasing number of customer interaction points to managing more customer data than ever before.

Satori Software’s cloud-based On-Demand Data Enrichment Services helps organizations address the many challenges faced today in keeping their customer information up-to-date.  Data Enrichment Services can quickly update customer records across multiple systems where contact data is stored and continues to maintain accuracy.  This is vital to staying in touch with customers and ensuring critical communications reach the intended recipient.

Clean contact data established through On-Demand Data Enrichment Services provide many benefits:

  • Build a more accurate and complete profile of your customers
  • Enable more personalized direct marketing programs
  • Prevent customer attrition and increase retention rates
  • Remove IT barriers with a cloud solution
  • Expedite the ROI of timely offer deliveries

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