Delivery Preference Manager


Today, companies as well as customers want to choose the communication channel used to deliver and receive their business critical information. Research shows that more and more customers prefer digital communications over traditional mail. Neopost has developed a simple yet powerful solution that helps companies manage those preferences and maximize their ability to easily send critical customer communications either through traditional mail or an alternate digital channel.

Neopost’s Delivery Preference Manager (DPM) is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with output management software to provide companies with a simple and effective method to manage their multi-channel communications.

By helping companies adapt to the market’s changing needs, Delivery Preference Manager simplifies customer communications, helps reduce costs, enhances company image and improves overall customer satisfaction.

This powerful cloud-based communication tool enables you to:

  • Manage customer delivery preference of time-critical customer communications
  • Migrate customers from traditional mail to effective and secure e-mail communication
  • Track electronic delivery status in real time
  • Easily manage exceptions
  • Simplify payment transactions
  • Improve cash flow

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