Document Delivery Portal (DDP)


Migrate from traditional mail to a secure web portal

Document Delivery Portal (DDP) enables customers to deliver any type of document through a secured, personalized web portal, accessed through OMS-500.

Want an easier, more secure way to communicate with your customers while achieving instant results? With the Document Delivery Portal (DDP), you can do just that and so much more. DDP is a powerful cloud-based document portal seamlessly integrated with OMS-500 that stores and electronically delivers all of your important customer communications through a centralized portal, while allowing your customers to access them in their own dedicated, secure location.

Your Multi-Channel Communications Web Portal

Experience some of the powerful features and benefits that the Document Delivery Portal can offer:

  • Access directly through the OMS-500 Platform (Cloud and On-Premise).
  • Customize communications to match your company’s logo and brand guidelines.
  • Personalize your relationship with your customer through account-specific communications.
  • Manage electronic delivery of customer communications.
  • Track document deliverability to ensure it has reached the intended recipient email and get notification when the recipient has viewed it.
  • Search functionality allows customers to easily find specific documents they have received.

Elevate your document delivery process

  • Revenue growth – Automate the customer communication workflow with OMS-500 and DDP by enabling users to easily manage the output and delivery of their customer communications, leaving more time to focus on your business and your customers. Maximize the impact of each email notification that drives customers to their portal, by adding personalized, targeted messages to help increase sales.
  • Customer engagement – Increase customer engagement through personalization. Send your customers customized emails that can be shared with anyone in their organization. With digital delivery, customers get the documents how they want and when they want them.
  • Risk mitigation – Access complete document tracking and audit trails. View when your customers have accessed their document portal, as well as opened their communications. Powered by Microsoft® Azure®, customer communications can be stored safely within the Document Delivery Portal to reduce risk and ensure confidentiality.
  • Expense control – Reduce postage costs by converting your customers to digital mail delivery. By going digital, you only use postage when necessary and reallocate costs to support a browser-based technology.

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