Packcity – Intelligent Parcel Lockers


Automated Electronic Intelligent Lockers for Convenient Parcel Pick Up and Drop Off

Make it easier for people to pick up packages according to their schedule. Accessible 24/7, Packcity intelligent parcel lockers make parcel pick-ups fast, easy and secure.

Having Packcity intelligent lockers on campus alleviates crowded mailrooms and eliminates multiple delivery attempts. Consumers can pick up packages on their time — anytime.

How does it work?

  • A delivery notification is sent via text or email when the parcel arrives.
  • The recipient enters their one-time PIN code.
  • The door opens for recipient to grab their parcel and go.

Lots of packages piling up? PackCity is the solution

  • Convenient – No more waiting for the mail center to open; packages are available for easy retrieval 24/7.
  • Secure – Packcity logs every drop off and pickup: 100% chain of custody with sturdy, steel-construction lockers.
  • Reduces Labor – Fewer resources are required for parcel management, distribution and pick up. Plus, you’ll have complete tracking visibility.
  • Customizable – Add your company’s logo and adjust the size of the lockers based on the space and needs of your business.

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