Parcel Analytics


Neopost USA’s cloud-based shipping analytics provides the visibility, accountability and control needed to achieve total parcel spend optimization. We identify a company’s overspend easily with our shipping analytics tools.


Wouldn’t you like to know if your organization is overspending on shipping costs? Analyzing your expenditure is an ever-challenging process. Where do you look first? Even if you were an expert in discovering overspend there may be areas any person would miss. Neopost USA’s parcelCheck simply discovers if you have an overspend problem. There might not be a problem, but why not check? It’s quick, simple and you see the results immediately.


If you don’t have an overspend issue then you’re in great shape, but if parcelCheck reported a problem you may want to dig a little deeper. Neopost USA’s parcelScore does just that. parcelScore analyzes your data in more detail to identify the overspend amount, where it’s occurring, how often and it offers recommendations to remedy the problem.


Neopost’s parcelWatch gives you the opportunity to continually monitor and lower shipping costs, in real time. Our system breaks down all areas of overspend and prioritizes action based on results. By using continual monitoring, Neopost USA’s Parcel Analytics puts your data to work for you.

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