OMS-500 Output Management Software


Simplifying the Preparation of Customer Communications

OMS-500 is all you need to create compelling, personalized communications and deliver them to the right person, at the right time, through their preferred channel.

Gain full control over the preparation, enhancement and distribution of business documents through multiple channels.

Browser-Based Intuitive Multi-Channel Communications Management Software

OMS-500 automatically collates information from various sources to send customers impactful communications, securely and cost-effectively: by email, physical mail, fax or through a web portal. Choose to run this powerful, yet easy to use solution entirely in the cloud or install locally and connect via web browser.

Whether on-premise or cloud-based, OMS-500:

  • Automates and centralizes the creation and production of your business-critical communications
  • Uses intelligent barcodes to secure the content of each mailing piece and control folder inserters
  • Multi-channel capabilities allows you to deliver digital communications or print documents
  • Helps avoid undeliverable mail and optimizes postal costs by integrating with Quadient address correction and presort software
  • Browser-based intuitive interface offers real-time reporting and centralized user administration

Take control of the document management process

  • Revenue growth – Automate the customer communication workflow and enable users to easily manage their customer communications, leaving more time to focus on your business and your customers. Maximize the impact of each customer communications piece by adding personalized, targeted messages to help increase sales.
  • Consumer engagement – Make customers feel special and build lasting relationships by sending them targeted, customized messages or enclosures that include advertisements, color, images and logos. With OMS-500’s integrated multi-channel capabilities, customers get the right document at the right time through the delivery channel they prefer.
  • Risk mitigation – Secure the content of your documents with use of intelligent inserter barcodes. Further enhance the security of your customer communications with integrated Quadient address correction software along with AIMS integrity software that provides complete document tracking and audit trail. Control the document preparation process to make sure that the right document is sent to the right person
  • Expense control – Reduce operating costs by automating the document output management process. Integrated Quadient pre-sort software optimizes postal costs and you can choose to send mail digitally, which allows for further postage savings and eliminates pre-printed stock. Reduce IT costs and resources with browser-based technology.


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